Project Thankful: Reason #79

Last night, I had another wedding dream.  One where I’m engaged and about to be married, but then I notice something is wrong and I realize I can’t get married.  Trust me, these wedding dreams are a lot worse than that one sentence might make them seem to be.  

I’m not married.  I’m not engaged.  Heck, I’m not even seeing someone.  Yet I still have these wedding dreams.  I’ve had enough of them that I’ve done dream analyses on each of them.  Today, as I look back on last night’s dream, I realized something: I’m good with being single.  Sure, I’d like to meet that special someone, but I’m not in a rush to get married.  Those points in the dreams where I determine that I can’t get married, that I’m not ready to get married are there because in the dreams I’m not marrying an actual person; the figure is there, but I never see their face.  So until I meet that person who I do want to have in my life long-term, who I can see myself marrying, then I can’t get married because if these dreams are telling me anything, it’s that whatever pressures I feel pushing me to get married, to settle down, are not enough to make me say “I do” in the dreams.

I believe there is no such thing as a bad dream.  A dream is there to tell us something about our life we would otherwise not think about.


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