Project Thankful: Reason #84

Yesterday, I received an email informing me that a decision had been made regarding my application to one of the schools I applied to.  I opened up my account and read the letter.  Clearly stated in the first line of the letter was that I had been accepted into the school’s English PhD program.

I was elated.  PhD!  I had originally applied to the school’s English PhD, but was told by the administrative assistant for the English Department that there was no way I could apply for the PhD program with a BA.  That was back in December, so I when I received the letter I believed they had changed their minds because, gosh golly, the letter said PhD!

I emailed the Director of Graduate Studies for the English Department to thank her for the opportunity as well as to ask her some questions about the program.  Unfortunately, she responded back to tell me there has been a misunderstanding and that I was accepted into the MA, not the PhD program.  Even more unfortunate was her tone in the curt email.  Her response was unprofessional to say the least, and it has made me question why I would even want to go to that school.

I need to be thankful about something today.  I need to find some positive in the midst of this day which is turning out to reflect the foggy and gloomy weather outside.  So I guess what I am thankful for is that I’m secure enough not to feel all “I’m not worthy!” in reaction to her email.  Instead, my reaction is that I deserve better.  

It still hurts though.  That’s why cookie dough and sangria are such wonderful things…


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