Project Thankful: Reason #85

On Saturday, I went into Boston to help babysit my cousin while his dad was at a conference.  Throughout the day, we walked around the Prudential Center and Copley Square, and I quickly learned that my cousin’s conference was not the only event taking place in that area on Saturday.

As we strolled, I noticed the badges many of the conference people were wearing stated an event that was heavily related to academia.  Looking at the attendees, I felt detached from academia and was not sad about that.  

When I think about the mistake the university made, initially telling me I had been accepted into their PhD program when in fact I had been accepted into their MA program, I wonder if it was a sign in a way.  To be honest, when I read that I was accepted into the PhD program, I was elated; on the other hand, inside a part of me was “oh.”  The mistake had made me pause and really take time to reflect on what it is I want.  Definitely to go to grad school, but at what point to stop: at the MA, and get my certification to teach high school English; or, at the PhD, and teach at the college level?


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