Project Thankful: Reason #86

Yesterday, I began dogsitting for a family friend.  I’ve watched this dog before, and I always enjoy watching her because she is such a good dog.  Her mom comes back Friday which means my job for the rest of this week is to be this dog’s caretaker (she’s almost 13 and is a little wobbly).

I’m glad to be busy this week because it will give me time to (hopefully) work on my novel, the sequel to The Hunted.  This week will also give me time to really think about the decision I wrote about in my previous posting: if I should get the MA and teach at the high school level; or, if I should ultimately go on after the MA to get the PhD to teach at the college level.  I still have to finish hearing back from schools, but most likely I will be starting a terminal Masters program in the fall.  Which brings me back to my original dilemma.

Good thing I still have a few days.


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