Project Thankful: Reason #89

I had to get a new phone last week because my other one was malfunctioning.  At first, I thought none of the data from my old phone had transferred over to the new phone, and I was panic stricken that my information was lost forever.  Well, I wasn’t worried about most of the presumed lost data; just my pictures.

I love taking pictures.  I am not the best photographer, but I try to capture moments and images with people I care about.  Since I always have my phone on me, taking those pictures with my phone is the most convenient way.

The problem is what happens to those pictures after I take them.  They sit around on my phone and on my computer, in a kind of storage, untouched.  Photos are meant to be saved; just not on devices.

This weekend I am going to print out selected pictures and put them in a photo album; that way, they’ll actually be saved.


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