Project Thankful: Reason #92

I received wonderful news on Friday: I have been accepted into another Masters Program!  I am very honored by this offer of admission and am especially glad given that the first school who accepted me was one I was hoping I would not have to end up going to, as conceited as that sounds.  

The most recent school to accept me into their graduate program is a school I never thought I would be accepted into.  This is a very prestigious school, and I graduated from a very underrated state school, and my pre-college education was straight public schooling.  So to be accepted into this competitive school for their extremely competitive graduate program is a little surreal to me.  

There are many things and many people I can be thankful for regarding this acceptance.  I’m going to give myself credit though because I have been told I often do not give myself enough credit.  I am thankful for believing in myself because even though I always thought this school was a long shot, and I would tell people that I understood I would most likely not get in, I still had a streak of hope and held onto that part of me that believed in myself. 


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