Project Thankful: Reason #94

The washer is broken, and it won’t be fixed until the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  In other words, it’s like “Survivor: Laundry Edition” around my house.

Thankfully, I am housesitting for my aunt while she is in Florida, and she has a washer and a dryer at her house (and thankfully she lives close by).  Until our washer gets fixed, we will be bringing over our laundry to her house to do laundry there.  And waiting until it is done.  It’s like the family laundromat, only at a laundromat you can do more than one load at a time.

As irritating as the situation with the washer is, it has caused me to think about how many clothes I have.  There are a lot of times throughout the year when I look in my closet or at my pile of clean clothes yet to be put away, and I think “I’m bored with my wardrobe.”  This thought is often accompanied by a longing to go shopping.  Yet, the truth is there are very few instances throughout the year when I actually do need new clothes.  Next time I find myself thinking that I am bored with my wardrobe, I can remember the broken washer.  


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