Project Thankful: Reason #95

Today is what is referred to as Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, and Pancake Day.  It’s the day before Ash Wednesday.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about Lent 2014 and about what I would like to “give up” for Lent.  I even did some online research about the tradition of Lent and the custom of giving up something for Lent.  What I’ve come to determine is that Lent is not so much about giving up a beloved food or pastime; rather, Lent is meant to be a time of reflection, where individuals examine their own lives and see opportunities for growth.  For me, I am choosing to focus on growth in regards to my health; for every day of Lent, I will be active for at least half an hour.  In a way, I am choosing to “give up” being inactive and making excuses for not being healthier.


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