Project Thankful: Reason #97

Yesterday, I had to cover for a 7th grade English teacher.  The 7th graders at this middle school are energetic (to put it diplomatically), and sometimes that energy causes problems.  

There were many times yesterday when I could have lost my patience with them.  They had a grammar review packet to work on which dealt with adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases and common and complex sentences.  On top of that, these students are not known for their attention spans or focus.  Oh, and did I mention that EVERY single class was doing the SAME assignment?  By the end of the day, I felt like I was giving a memorized narration as I went over the packet with them.

Yet, I did not lose my patience.  Somewhere in the 2+ years I have been working in Education, my patience quota increased along with my ability to keep moving forward no matter how drained I feel.

When I think about going back to school in the fall, a part of me is nervous.  Thankfully, the other part of me that grew from these years working in Education reminds that nervous part that I’ll be fine.


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