Project Thankful: Reason #115: In Defense of Stubbornness

I am a stubborn person.

Most people would not call me stubborn.  I try to be as polite as possible and when I refuse to budge on something, it often takes them by surprise.

I think stubbornness is a good quality to have, both as a person and as a writer.  As a person, being stubborn means you stand up for yourself and refuse to give into others.  Similarly, as a writer, being stubborn helps you to stand firm in your writing, allowing you defend the integrity of a piece.

There will always be someone who disagrees with you, who tries to bully you, and who tries to change your writing in a way that makes you hesitate.  As difficult as it may be, when you come across that person, you have to show your stubborn side.  At the end of the day, you are the only one able to fully, one-hundred percent look out for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Project Thankful: Reason #115: In Defense of Stubbornness

  1. Though I do agree with you up to a point, you have to be careful and listen to what others have to say because you can learn so much more too. I belong to a small writing group even though I don’t agree with everything which is being said about my work, I do go back and take another look at the piece they are commenting on and try to see it from their point of view. I may change it, not to what they have said but because they were right in as much as it did need more work in that area. If you stand too close to your work and not make changes then you can never grow as a writer. How will you work with an editor, publisher, or agent if you’re not willing to listen to others.
    You have to believe totally in your ability to write, but you have to be open enough to changing your words, sentences and plot if you are going to grow as a writer.

    I wish you lots of luck with your writing.

    • Lauren says:

      I certainly agree that you have to be open to others’ criticism; often times, their criticism and comments highlight something you might not have thought of. I wrote this post as I was working on revising an academic paper which has been accepted for publication. In academic publishing, editors often challenge points you make throughout your piece; as the author, you need to be prepared to defend those statements, asserting yourself as an authority on the subject, as well as making necessary revisions – it’s a delicate balance.

      Thank you for your comment. Good luck with your writing as well!

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