Project Thankful: Reason #119

I can now say I have heard back from all my grad schools.  While I have been accepted into MA programs, I have also been wait listed for a doctoral program.

My reaction to being wait listed for a doctoral program?  “So close!!!!!”  A doctoral program is the program I would ultimately like to end up in and knowing that I am so close to one is painfully frustrating.  Plus, this doctoral program is in Florida – sunny, warm, non-New England weather Florida – which makes being wait listed for it more upsetting.

Although there is the possibility a slot could open up, and I could be offered a place in the program, I am aware of how competitive PhD programs are and am not holding out much hope for that possibility to happen.  It would be a very long shot.

I have explored my options, and now I wait to see what will happen.  No matter what does happen, I know everything happens for a reason.  I just need to keep reminding myself of that.


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