Project Thankful: Reason #124

Lately, I’ve felt like I have no time.  That the time I do have is quickly consumed by other things, leaving me regretting that I can’t do more.  It’s as though I’m on a wheel, and I have to keep moving or else I will fall.

But that’s how it is with change, isn’t it?  You have to keep moving forward or you will fall, and it will be harder to get back up.  And as you move forward, you have to make choices, choices that will affect which way the wheel moves and which path you take, and those decisions are really hard and make you wish you had more time to decide.

But you don’t have more time.  You have to act.  And when you do act and make your decision, there will always be at least one part of you that turns around and looks at not the lost time; no.  You turn your head, standing in the decision you made, and you imagine what could have been if you decided differently.  And as you look at what could have been, you see the possible time that other decision would have given you.

But you made your decision.  And now you still have to keep the wheel turning.

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