Project Thankful: Reason #131: Why We Need to talk about Sadness

I really contemplated sharing The News because, well, it’s a sad topic.  After considering to post or not to post, I decided to post because I need to.  I need a space to share my experiences coping with The News because whenever someone is coping with grief from trauma, whatever it may be, they need to talk about it in order to start to heal.  I also need to talk about it because, again, it’s a sad topic, and I think as a culture, we tend not to openly discuss sad things; instead, the sadness becomes posters and pamphlets tucked away in lavatories in medical offices or on display near an overlooked space.  I feel we need to have more open discourse about topics that fall under sadness.

It might seem odd too that I am posting about these experiences under Project Thankful because these experiences do not exactly fit my original vision of a year of thankfulness aka Project Thankful.  I post about what I am going through under Project Thankful because it shows what can happen during the course of a year.  While Project Thankful was initially meant to be postings about what I am thankful for, even before The News happened I began to notice that it’s not just about what I’m thankful for anymore; it’s about sharing glimpses into my life that, honestly, most people don’t see or know about.  I’m thankful I am able to share these things with you, readers, as I am thankful that you share your lives with your readers, including me.


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