Project Thankful: Reason #132

Today, I started a new job working at another school, in a community different from the one I usually work in.  

Friday was my last day working at my old job.  I’ll be honest, it was weird because I really was saying goodbye.  I will work at the new job for the remainder of the school year, and then I will move up to New Hampshire during the summer before I start grad school in September.  So, when I said goodbye to my old job on Friday, I really was saying goodbye.

I spent (about) three years at my old job.  My old job, and more specifically the high school I would work in the most, was where I learned how to work with students.  It was where I developed the skills necessary to connect with individuals and to be able to more easily open up to people and get them to open up in return.  Most importantly, it’s my experiences at my old job that allowed me to realize I am important, regardless of my achievements, because each day I am presented with opportunities to help people, and I use those opportunities to try to better others’ lives.

Tomorrow, I continue work at the new job.  Thanks to my old job, I can walk into the school, and think “I’ve got this.”


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