Project Thankful: Reason #137: The Illusion of Anonymity

I didn’t think any of my friends read this blog.

For that reason, when I made the decision to share my experiences in the aftermath of The News (my dad losing his job), I thought I would post as I always do, thinking that, in a way, my posts would be anonymous because I’m just one of many millions(?) of bloggers out there on the web.

What I didn’t expect was for one of my friends to come across my postings.  Mainly because most of my friends don’t really know that I’m a blogger.

So when I received a text message from my friend who was very concerned about what had happened, I was taken back.  A part of me said, “Crap!  She knows!  She KNOWS!”  More than that, I was relieved.  “She KNOWS!”  And by her knowing, it helps because I know she’s there for me, and I can talk to her.



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