Project Thankful: Reason #139

I realize vacation week is coming to an end.  Monday means back to the daily grind, spending the good part of the day working, then doing errands after work, coming home to cook dinner, and attempting to squeeze in some writing before I finally have to shut down my computer because I am just too tired.

The question I will ask students when I see them is what they did over vacation.  They were asked what they were going to do over vacation the last time I saw them, and most of them had exciting activities planned.  When they asked me, I answered, “Sleeping in.”  

They were confused by my response.  To them, vacation is a time for adventure.  To me, however, vacation is about relaxing, recharging through doing the things I normally don’t have time to do.  Sleeping in, reading a book, and writing have been the highlights of my vacation so far.  

Some might think my vacation is boring.  To me, my vacation is awesome.


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