Project Thankful: Reason #143

I feel like I’m in Limbo.

There are two chains that make me feel stuck.  One is my dad losing his job, and how we still don’t know how things are going to turn out.  The other is grad school.  I know that sounds odd because grad school is this wonderful opportunity for me, so why would I say it is making me feel stuck?  Because it doesn’t feel real yet.  I’m slowly getting stuff for my apartment, but it still feels so far away, but it’s not.  

To add to this feeling of Limbo, it doesn’t feel like the school year is ending.  Every day passes, but it doesn’t feel any closer to the school year wrapping up.  When I walk into the school in the morning, it’s like I’m entering this frozen state of time.  And when I go home at the end of the day, I’ve only moved to a different location in this suspension.  

Yet the days go on.  And slowly, very slowly it seems, the calendar days get crossed off.


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