Project Thankful: Reason #146

Since starting the new job, a lot more people have been saying my last name.  The thing with my last name is that very few can actually pronounce it correctly, let alone consistently pronounce it correctly.  It’s Rocha, and the correct way of saying it is row-shuh.  These are just some of the variations people refer to me as:






Rocher (like Ferrero Rocher, the chocolate)

Growing up, I accepted that people would mess up my name.  Now that I’m an adult, however, and a professional, it’s probably my ultimate pet peeve.  Before, I wouldn’t correct people when they would not say my last name correctly, thinking, “Ah, that’s sweet, they tried to say it.”  Yet now when people say my last name, and it doesn’t sound right, I correct them in as polite a way possible.  Because that’s my name they’re saying.  They’re talking about me.  And when they don’t get it right, I’m not going to stand there and smile, accepting complacency.  I’m going to stand there and smile, and say what my name really is.


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