Project Thankful: Reason #150

Since learning that I received a Teaching Assistantship and will be teaching first year writing in the fall, my brain has been a flurry of ideas on how to teach the class.

Popular culture is one of my areas of interest, and I would love to incorporate that into the class.  I often wonder where my interest in popular culture stems from.  Truth is, I would have to say my childhood.  I have an older sister, and there is a five year age difference between us.  Growing up, that’s a big difference, and that difference translated into my TV and movie preferences.

I watched what my older sister watched, and I was into what my older sister was into for the most part.  As an adult, I look back and am grateful to my sister for having influenced my media choices.  Years later, and those choices have become roots from which my academic interest in popular culture sprouted.

Thanks sis.



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