Project Thankful: Reason #153

The school year is coming to a close which means it’s almost time for me to leave my current group of students.  One class which I help out in is an English class, and on Wednesdays students are put into their Literature Circle groups to discuss the chapters they read in their assigned books.  The group I work with is reading The Giver.  The first time I worked with them I hadn’t read the book, so I was using my general English major knowledge combined with my readings of other dystopian, science-fiction works.  Then MCAS happened, and I was in the library for it, and to kill time I started reading The Giver.  

This week, I felt more prepared to help the lit circle group, and we had better discussion as a result.  As I sat with them, discussing the novel, listening to their responses, I felt confident about my role as a Teaching Assistant in the fall.  Because if I can comfortably help lead a 6th grade discussion group on The Giver, then teaching first year writing won’t be so bad.

I love teaching.  I can say that now, after having spent some three years working in Education, helping students.  On that last day in June, when I walk out the doors for the last time, it will be a graduation of sorts for me.  Although I haven’t worked at this particular school for that long, the answer to what I’ve been doing with my life since graduating with my undergraduate degree is school, just not of the college variety.  And so on that last day of school in June, I really do leave school.


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