Project Thankful: Reason #156

Today, my mom and I went shopping for apartment stuff.  Although I don’t where exactly I’ll be living or what my apartment will look like, I will still need some essentials.

I bought a few things before today, but those items were purchased when I shopped by myself.  Whenever I went in to look for apartment essentials, I always became worried if I was making the right decision buying this rolling pin or this pizza pan.  Because I knew that I needed my mom there with me, helping me through not just choosing what to get for my apartment, but through this whole moving out, being-on-my-own experience.  

When I think about moving and saying goodbye, it’s not the house I’m most sad about leaving, but my mom.  My mom means so much to me, and thankful doesn’t encompass how grateful I am that she’s my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the mothers out there!

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