Project Thankful: Reason #164

I’m in the midst of editing a paper I wrote.  It’s a paper I decided to write after deciding, “Hey, I’m going to be starting grad school this fall.  I should totally practice getting back into the research process, including writing a paper!”  It was one of those, “Yeah!  This is such a great idea!” moments that a couple of months later, I’m tempted to go back in time to that moment and punch that voice in the face.

The paper has become a dementor.  You know, a paper that morphs into something utterly soul-sucking, or at the very least, leaves you feeling like you’ll never be happy again.  And one that requires a lot of chocolate to get through.

Part of what is making this paper a dementor is my hope that if I made this paper really great, there is the possibility of submitting it for publication.  I keep editing it, and there is the constant nagging in my mind that the paper isn’t good enough.  Then one day last week, I was sitting outside when it hit me: it either will be published, or it won’t; at some point in the future, that has already been decided.  I just have to keep plugging along for now, editing, to be able to find the answer to the publication question.


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