Project Thankful: Reason #166

Yesterday, a boy told me he got an 86% on his My Dog Skip book quiz that I helped him study for.  I told him, “Good!” but inside, I was so proud of him.  He is a boy who is very easily distracted, and for him to focus after studying so hard and to get such a good grade…I was impressed.

I’m always thankful when students share their achievements with me because it tells me that they value having me help them, or just simply being there for them.  When I think about the pressures that exist for individuals in academia that cause many to place their individual sense of worth on grades and accolades, I am thankful to have had these “gap” years between undergrad and grad where I worked in Education, essentially helping students.  Students are less concerned with how smart a person is and more concerned with how caring a person is, a quality that speaks more to a person’s character than to their intelligence.    


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