Project Thankful: Reason #186

I had to help some students move a table back to a teacher’s classroom.  We journeyed outside, and after determining which white table was indeed the teacher’s table, as opposed to one of the other two white tables also outside, we began to move the table.  

One of the girls jumped, spotting a ladybug on the corner of the table.  “Oh my god!  It’s a ladybug!”

She swiftly moved her hand to whisk it away and would have succeeded had I not intervened and caught the ladybug in the palm of my hand.

“Ladybugs are good bugs,” I told her, gently placing the ladybug on a blade of grass.  “They’re said to be good luck.”

“I can’t stand them!” she exclaimed.

I thought about ladybugs as symbols of good luck.  Size-wise, they are quite small.  Most people don’t notice them the majority of the time.  They are quiet and quite discreet.  A lot of times, a person does not notice a ladybug on them unless they look carefully.  Yet of all things out there, they have the good luck status.

I think ladybugs are very telling of life.  Because it’s the small, quiet individuals who sneak up on you and wind up surprising you in the end.  In a good way.


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