Project Thankful: Reason #190

Tomorrow, I have to be a chaperone for a field trip to a day camp.  Which for me means packing a lot of bug spray and sunscreen.

I’ve worked in Education for three years, and over the course of those three years I have gained a lot of insights into the field.  What surprises me at this stage is that it took me three years to realize something that has been seemingly obvious for quite some time: that when you work in Education, working with students in the classroom, you should be allowed to list “Outsourced Parent” under your job description.

“Let me check your agenda book to see what you have written down for homework tonight,” “Did you do last night’s homework?” “(Fill in the space with a student’s name), is that an appropriate decision?” “(Student’s name again) that’s not appropriate,” “Turn around!” “This (something assigned) is due (sometime in the near, or very near future).  I do not understand why you do not have anything done for it,” “Okay, take out your (fill in the space).  I want to see it/I want to check it/I want to see what you have done for it,”  “(Student’s name) that is not language that should be used in school!”

I have said all of those, and many more, to students during my time in Education.  When I would come home at the end of a day, feeling drained, I reflect back and understand why I was so tired: because much of my day was spent parenting in addition to helping students with their schoolwork.

I have learned so much from my students, and I will always be grateful for my years spent working in Education.  But now it’s time to let go of that part of my life, to stop being a “parent,” as I prepare for my roles as grad student and Instructor.


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