Project Thankful: Reason #193

I’m glad the school year is almost over.

One of the books the kids read this year was The Giver.  While discussing the novel, one of the points that confused students was the idea of the community.  Students had a hard time internalizing that the reason why these characters, these members of the community, aren’t upset by what “release” actually is, or aren’t upset by being part of this system, is because that is how the members of the community are raised.  One student made the comparison to if a giant bubble were to go up around the town the students live in; all anyone would know is life in the town.  I further emphasized how perhaps, the author suggests, life is not the same in other communities in the story as it is in the community in which the novel takes place.

In a way, the students and the town remind me of elements in The Giver.  Most of these students have been raised in a way which is very different from students in other, nearby communities.  They are isolated, in a sense, secluded from realities more present elsewhere.  Sometimes during the day, a student will say or do something which echoes that community environment.  I used to work in a city before coming to this town, and as hard as working in the city could be, I liked working with the city students better because they were more well-rounded about life.  There was no bubble with them.  They were exposed and connected to the world.  Having spent most of my time in Education working with those students, it’s difficult for me to work with the students and the teachers in the town who have been raised with this narrow community mindset.  What’s more, it irks me that they have this community mindset because most have a higher economic standing than a lot of people.  As I look to the future, I see so many opportunities they’ll have without fully appreciating those opportunities.

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