Project Thankful: Reason #195

I’m back!

Yesterday, I went up to New Hampshire to look at potential apartments.  We were early to the first showing.  As in, an hour and a half early.  In lieu of waiting in the parking lot for 90 minutes, we decided to head downtown.  Which turned out to be a 3 minute drive from the first apartment.

When I met with current grad students at the college, they mentioned the town where the first apartment was located is more “urban” than some of the other neighboring towns and cities.  Growing up south of Boston, my idea of what constitutes urban is very different.  The town itself was quiet, featuring a river that runs through it and being surrounded by trees.  In fact, the first apartment I looked at was encased in trees on all sides of the building.

Later that day, we looked at an apartment complex that I fell in love with from the website.  In person, the apartment complex was not so enchanting.  The apartment style was urban, industrial.  It was too stark for my taste.  By the afternoon, we headed back to the first apartment we looked at, and I filled out an application (fingers crossed!).

Most of my friends would not consider me a country, outdoorsy type of person.  I do not camp, nor do I feel a desire to do so.  I hate bugs with a fiery passion so intense that I once broke a kitchen window killing a fly (true story).  I could not live without air conditioning.  Deep Woods Off is my bug spray of choice, no matter the setting.  So for me to favor an apartment that is the most woodsy of the ones of the I saw may seem out of character.  

Yet when I walked into that first apartment and saw the view of the trees from the deck out back, I knew I had I found my apartment.  See, as much as I may hate bugs, I love nature.  To be in nature is to be open with one’s soul.  Nature is the ultimate inspiration, the primordial imagination one draws from, or in some cases, draws.  

Now, I’m just waiting to hear whether my application has been approved or not.  Fingers crossed!



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