Project Thankful: Reason #199: It’s All About Value

Yesterday morning, I noticed a card in my mailbox at work.  It turned out to be a thank you card from one of the classroom teachers I work with, one of the two Special Education student liaisons for 6th grade.  The card was to thank me for helping her out this year and contained a gift card.

In that moment, I felt so appreciated and valued.  When I left the previous school I worked at, they didn’t even include my name during the afternoon announcements recognizing certain faculty and staff for their hard work.  There was never any thank you card, let alone a small gift.

I worked at my previous school for a couple of years before I started working in my current position at a different school.  In that time at my former workplace, I worked with every department, networking with administration, department heads, and faculty and staff.  Most of the building knew me.  Yet when it came time for me to leave, they did not do anything to make me feel appreciated; as a result, I left there questioning how much they actually valued having me there.  Instead of leaving there feeling appreciated, I felt disposable.

When a person feels appreciated, they feel valued; in turn, they invest value into their work and relationships.

I am extremely thankful for this teacher’s act of kindness.  When I leave tomorrow, I’ll leave feeling like what I did there mattered; that I mattered while there.


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