Anatomy of Word Count

Whenever I write, there is a certain progression that occurs with each increasing word count value.

1,000 words

I can conquer the world!  This book is going to be great!  I have so many ideas, it will be a breeze to write!

10,000 words

I’m only at 10,000 words?!  Are you freaking serious?!  Is it too late to abandon this ship?

20,000 words

Alright, things are starting to get interesting!  Now that a lot of the background is out of the way, I can really start to speed up the action.  I’m basically at the halfway point.  Kind of.  Sort of?  Okay, not really, but I’m still at a good point.

30,000 words

Right.  Okay.  I need to start adding more plot points or else this book is going to end right here.  Where did all my ideas go?  *Looks through notebooks where wrote down possible ideas at various points*  Crap!  These are all crap!  They won’t work!  *Comes across one that has that glimmer of “Oooh, I didn’t see that coming!”*

40,000+ words

At this stage, I’m golden.  I have all these ideas again!  I know how the book is going to end!

The end?

Finished!  Take that, self-doubt!

Now, I just have to edit what I just finished writing.  *Bangs head against wall*




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