July Heat – Project Thankful: Reason #212

There are some days when I don’t have writer’s block; instead, I have writer’s unwillingness. Put simply, I just do not want to write. Weird, right? I like to write. I like to blog. But some days, I just can’t bring myself to dedicate the proper amount of time to either.

Today is one of those days. So instead of crafting a well written piece, I went looking for inspiration.

Now, the problem with looking for inspiration is that when you consciously set about the task of doing it, you find yourself coming up with nothing. I usually draw inspiration from everyday life, found walking around my neighborhood or in my backyard.

Only one problem: it’s hot outside.

Just as I had resigned myself to calling it a day, I came across what you see in the photograph. And just like that, I had my inspiration for the day.

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