Project Thankful: Reason #217

When life steers you in a direction you didn’t want, your first instinct is probably something similar to shaking your fist at the sky, demanding why life can really suck sometimes. I know that’s what happened to me with graduate school and the particular program I ended up accepting. It’s a wonderful program, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Just at the time, I wasn’t quite so happy that I would be entering into a MA program and not a PhD program.

I was adamant the PhD was the program for me. I felt I knew without a doubt that I wanted to get my PhD, and so the PhD would be the logical program of choice. The PhD was the path I wanted to take.

In the end, I chose to enroll in a MA program. The particular school I chose offered me the best deal for my graduate education. Now, I look at the decision, and I’m glad life has steered me in the direction of a MA program because I’m not actually certain that I want a PhD. I don’t know if the PhD is right for me or if that’s the path I even want to take.

The MA is a two year program. A lot can happen in two years.


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