New Habits – Project Thankful: Reason #220

Today, I signed into my email accounts to check my mail. Judging from the numbers of new emails I saw in my inboxes, I would say I haven’t checked my email in a few days.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed I haven’t checked my mail in a while. Every week, I seem to be disconnecting from email earlier and earlier. At first, it was on Saturdays; I would not check my email the following day (Sundays), but I would resume my checking emails again on Mondays. Then Saturdays became Fridays. And now, Fridays are bordering on Thursdays.

Don’t get me wrong. I have the “Mail” app on my phone synced to the primary email address I give for my work and school, and I check that quite a bit. The other accounts, however, I do not check as much. And I’m good with that.

When did this new habit of checking email less often, of being less concerned if the world is going to end if I do not sign into this account or that account to see if *gasp* someone sent me a coupon for 15% this weekend only?  I was looking over past “Project Thankful” postings, and I think my more relaxed attitude about email might just have something to do with this writing project.  Because the people and things I am most thankful for, the things that inspire me to write these posts, aren’t found in emails or inboxes or on the Internet.  They are found in a time and space know as Life, something that has existed before computers and Internet and even cell phones.  And Life?  Well, it will continue no matter how many emails I get.


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