Project Thankful: Reason #206

Have a great weekend!

I’ve decided I’m taking the weekend off from blogging.  It’s going to be a beautiful, sunny weekend that is not going to be too hot.  The type of weekend meant to enjoyed doing any number of activities, none of which include being glued to the computer.

I think our culture emphasizes constantly being “connected” as in continually being online or technologically available via social media, text, even phone calls.  This weekend I will be connected, just not necessarily on social media.


Project Thankful: Reason #113

Today was like many a Saturday that has come before.

I wake up, I get dressed, and I do errands with my mom.  By the time we get home, it’s already mid-afternoon, and I will soon have to start dinner.  By the time we finish with dinner, the day’s activities will have taken their toll, and I’ll be tired.

As we were about to head home, I realized I wasn’t tired from doing errands with my mom; I was grateful to have spent time with her.  Time is something most take for granted, and when time is up, it’s days like this – ordinary days spent doing ordinary things with a loved one – that I hope to look back on as occupying a lot of my time.